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About our data

When you visit an NHS dentist, the information about your treatment is sent to our data warehouse. We then use this to produce our analysis and reports.

We also use information from our Dental Services contract management system to produce reports.

We have different types of data available.


We hold information relating to NHS dental contracts that identifies:

  • who holds the contract
  • the location of the contract
  • who performs dental work on the contract


We hold data that identifies any dental treatment activity including:

  • the type of treatment
  • the cost of the treatment
  • who performed the treatment
  • the treatment banding
  • detailed information on the treatment carried out


We hold data relating to financial aspects of dental contract management, including:

  • total contract value
  • dentist remuneration
  • pensions
  • business rate information

This data allows us to produce a variety of financial, activity and risk-based reports for those who need access to this data. It also means that we can pay contracts promptly and accurately.


We hold data that identifies the level of patient access to dental treatment in England and Wales. It identifies:

  • where patients travel to and from to receive treatment
  • access within deprived areas (known as lower layer super output areas)

This information can be used with Office of National Statistics population figures.


We work closely with NHS Dental Services, NHS England and NHS Improvement to identify contract outliers. 

This allows us to identify any risks to the provision and quality of dental care. 

We provide tailored reports for specific areas to help improve assurance within dental treatment.