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Special School Eye Care Service

The Special School Eye Care Service is an in-school eye examination service for children in special school settings in England. The aim of the service is to improve access to eye care services for all children with a learning disability.

Under the Special School Eye Care Service, General Ophthalmic Service (GOS) contractors can provide the following services:

  • visual assessments
  • refraction tests
  • dispensing of glasses

For more information about the service:

Providing the service

NHS England and NHS Improvement has identified a small group of GOS contractors to pilot the service.

Any questions about signing up to provide the service should be sent to

Claim for payment

GOS contractors who have signed up to provide the service will use our Manage Your Service (MYS) portal to:

  • enter patient record data
  • submit claims for reimbursement

Claims should be submitted between the first and tenth day of each month.  

Sign in to the MYS portal

If you need help with MYS, contact us at