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Why you might not be able to see a statement

You are not able to view your NHS pension information

Your NHS Pension information might not be available because:

  • you are not a member of the NHS Pension Scheme
  • you’re a new member of the NHS Pension Scheme with less than one year’s membership
  • you’re already receiving an NHS pension and are longer employed by the NHS
  • you joined the Scheme after 31 March, which is the cut-off date for this year’s Annual Benefit Statement (ABS)
  • your membership record has not been updated by your employer - this means we do not have the information we need to calculate your ABS
  • your identifying information such as name or address has mismatched with what is on your NHS pension record, which means your ABS cannot be displayed
  • your pension record is too complex or further investigation is required - contact your employer for an estimate.

We may need to manually calculate your pension information because your Scheme membership pattern is complicated 

This could be because you’re:

  • a male nurse with different normal pension ages (55/60)
  • drawing down some of your pension
  • buying additional pension or Early Retirement Reduction Buy Out (ERRBO)
  • a practitioner who has chosen to move into a different Scheme or Section
  • a practitioner who left the Scheme before 1 October 2009.

This list is not exhaustive and there may be other reasons why your TRS/ABS cannot be viewed.

Further investigation may be required

This could be because we have a query about the data in your pension record that needs to be resolved before a pension statement can be produced.

For example, you may be working in more than one post and the time you’ve worked has exceeded whole-time.

Alternatively, it could be because you’re subject to membership restrictions, as you’ve exceeded the maximum membership allowed.

You can't view your employment information

You might not be able to view your employment information if:

  • your employer does not use Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and your employment details are not available
  • your employer is not live on ESR
  • you started your NHS employment during the current financial year, as statement information is always as at the end of the previous financial year
  • bank posts are not currently included on the statements.

Help accessing your Total Rewards Statement (TRS) or Annual Benefit Statement (ABS)

You can also get help with accessing your TRS via ESR, or contact your local ESR administrator for help.

If you’re unable to use ESR and are eligible to receive a statement, or you used to use GOV.UK Verify to access your statement, you can contact us to get a copy:

Online: select service 'My NHS Pension' on our online form

Statements are updated annually. The next update will take place August 2023.

GOV.UK Verify has closed

GOV.UK Verify closed on 30 March 2023.

We'll be introducing new digital access to annual benefit statements to replace GOV.UK Verify. In the meantime, if you'd like to access your statement and you do not have access to ESR, get in touch using the contact details.

Statements are updated annually and the next update will take place August 2023.