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NHS Dental Services


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Activity, payment and pension services

Includes FP17 processing, provider and performer pensions and SFE payments

Information for Foundation Dentists

Information, support and guidance during the foundation dentist tenure

Dental Contract Reform

Includes how the programme works, the clinical philosophy that underpins it, remuneration and feedback so far

Information for patients

Access to NHS dental care and cost of dental treatment

Provider Assurance Dental (PAD)

Find out more about how we support Dental contractors

NHS Dental Services news

Update on recent changes to FP17Ws

15th June 2022

Information covering FP17Ws for dental teams in Wales.

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Keep your operating system and web browser up to date

15th June 2022

We recommend that your dental practice uses an operating system and web browser that are in support and tha

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How to complete the 2021/22 ARR process as a provider

15th June 2022

If you're a provider, you're required to confirm each performer's NPE for the 2021/22 financial year.

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