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Provider Assurance Dental (PAD)

Activities we carry out

The Provider Assurance Dental (PAD) team undertake contract and performance management activities on behalf of regional teams, reducing the burden on them. Regional teams retain decision-making authority with a light-touch oversight and escalation role, which supports the development of local commissioning capacity.

We provide assurances about:

  • the quality of treatment
  • probity of claims
  • value for money (access and Units of Dental Activity per patient) derived from NHS dental contracts

We give assurance through evidence-based activities for:

  • dental providers
  • commissioners
  • stakeholders

These activities aim to support the provision of excellent services to patients and consistent value for money for dental contracts.

We’re working with NHS England central and regional teams, Welsh Government and Welsh health boards to develop the service further with the goals of:

  • making sure that all providers are treated consistently
  • managing risks at a national level
  • freeing up commissioners to support providers locally

Principles of delivery

We aim to:

  • deliver a clinically led service
  • work in collaboration with providers and commissioners
  • deliver guidance, information and provide support for the dental profession
  • deliver an evidenced based and non-judgemental service
  • enable and support providers to deliver their contracted activity

Contact us

You can contact us at