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Join NHS Jobs

Thank you for your interest in joining NHS Jobs. 


There are different ways you can join our service. You can:

  • use the service end to end, from creating a job listing to sending a contract and ending the recruitment - you can also integrate your account with ESR, if applicable
  • use the service integrated with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provider - read more information about integration

How to join

Before you submit the form to join NHS Jobs, you’ll need to follow these steps:   

  1. Check your organisation's eligibility.
  2. Decide who’ll be the contact for your organisation through this process. 

Complete the joining form when you’re ready

After you complete the form and send it back to us, we’ll check your information. Then we'll either set up your account or ask for more details.    


You can create an account for the NHS Jobs service. Further information about NHS Jobs can be found on the Applicant Hub.