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Case study - Storing records securely

Client: Children and Young People’s Services, Durham County Council


Children and Young People’s Services bring together a number of functions to help support children, young people and families in County Durham.

There are 2 service areas within Children and Young People’s Services, Education and Children’s Services. In addition there's a service within Adult and Health Services that provides commissioning services for Children and Young People’s Services.

The service protects vulnerable people from harm as part of their statutory duty, working with local partners, schools, and partner organisations to ensure that children and young people are supported to achieve and be prepared for adulthood.

They help children and young people make positive and healthy choices. In addition, they support a range of intervention and prevention services to improve outcomes for families. As well as work with the police and other partners to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

They also look after children and young people in public care and care leavers and provide adoption services.

The problem

Durham County Council recognised that they needed a digital solution for their current file storage. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of their work. 

Any solution had to be totally secure and had to adhere to their strict privacy policies.

The solution

Durham County Council visited the scanning facility and met with staff undertaking the work. To allow the best solution they discussed:

  • project process
  • file structure
  • privacy and security
  • timelines

Following this, NHSBSA carried out site visits to council office buildings to get a better understanding of current file storage facilities and meet with key members of staff who would be involved in the process.

The result

The initial information gathering process proved invaluable in creating a tailored, secure, and convenient digital solution.

Durham County Council were impressed from the outset at the way NHSBSA identified and implemented a suitable solution and rated the Scanning Services as excellent.

"NHSBSA have delivered a consistently high quality service which has been very much client focused and are extremely responsive to our requirements."

Sarah Armstrong, Service Manager, Children and Young People's Services, Durham County Council