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Document Management System (DMS)

This service is offered as an optional extra to Employee Records Management, or as a standalone service.

Storage of paper files can be difficult and hosting electronic documents locally can have capacity limitations. Our DMS solution makes sure employee documents are held securely in an online environment. We digitise your documents and manage your retention schedule, ensuring full GDPR compliance.

You will have full access to the system with the ability to add new records, and set access and editing privileges.


  • Time-saving: Your staff will no longer need to record, monitor or manage the retention periods of individual documents. No need to invest any effort into applying and adhering to document retention policies.
  • Peace of mind: Our DMS eliminates the risk of incurring penalties for GDPR non-compliance. These include bans on data processing, restrictions or erasure of data, and fines. Maximum fines are £17.5 million or 4% of annual global turnover – whichever is greater.
  • Storage is simple and more secure with no risk of mis-placing or mis-filing paper documents, and minimising the impact of capacity limitations.

Setup and migration

We offer the following:

  • DMS site set up.
  • Set up of your site with standard logic, functionality and document types - if required, customisation would come with additional costs.
  • Provision of standard e-learning material.

Paper file scanning

All paper documents are scanned and held electronically by us. Original documents are stored by the NHSBSA for 90 days, then destroyed.

Document migration

  • Temporary site access is given to you, allowing you to move your electronic files into the DMS solution.
  • We will tag and apply retention periods to all documents added by you or scanned by us.
  • Employee life cycle administration and support.

Document submission

We will:

  • acknowledge receipt of any documents received after the initial migration
  • add these documents to DMS and apply the appropriate retention periods

Employee status updates

We will:

  • transition employee folders to the DMS Leaver’s Library when notified of an end of employment - this will trigger retention periods for certain document types
  • acknowledge receipt of any end of employment notifications received

Site access and permissions admin

We will:

  • administrate any changes required to user access and permissions, including temporary access given to auditors
  • acknowledge receipt of any requests to add, amend or remove access to your DMS site

Monthly reporting

Reports are produced monthly showing DMS activities including document uploads, access, deletions and amendments. Those with access to the DMS site can view these reports at no additional cost.

Audit, file share requests, subject access requests (SAR) and freedom of information (FOI)

We can collate employee documents for audit purposes and share specific employee documents at a cost per document.

You can also access documents yourself without any additional charge.

Employee name changes

We will:

  • acknowledge receipt of any employee name change notifications received
  • amend the employee names held at a folder level

We can deliver digital pre-employment checking as a stand-alone, off-the-shelf service for any organisation. Email us at for a quote.