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Statistical collections

This page was last reviewed and updated 19 June 2024.

Official Statistics guidance table

View our Official Statistics guidance table (ODT: 69KB) to see comparability criteria amongst our publications.

Prescribing and dispensing

Dependency Forming Medicines - England

General Pharmaceutical Services - England

Hormone Replacement Therapy – England

Medicines Used in Mental Health - England

NICE Technology Appraisals (Innovation Scorecard)

Prescribing Costs in Hospitals and the Community - England

Prescribing for Diabetes - England

Prescription Cost Analysis - England

Dental - England

Help with Health Costs - England

Prescribing statistics in the UK

The devolved administrations throughout the UK also release Official Statistics and open data relating to pharmacy and prescribing. You can find these publications at the relevant organisation's website:

Northern Ireland - Department of HealthScotland - Public Health ScotlandWales - Welsh Government

Quality assurance of administrative data (QAAD) reports

Prescription data QAAD report (PDF: 296KB)Prescription data QAAD report - Annex A (PDF: 204KB)