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How to appeal an EIBSS application decision

If your application to the scheme was unsuccessful, you can appeal the decision.

Reasons for an appeal

You can appeal the decision we made about your England Infected Blood Support Scheme (EIBSS) application. An appeal may be considered if you feel our decision on the medical application was not justified on the evidence you provided. 

We will not consider an appeal where you disagree with the eligibility criteria.

If you can provide further medical evidence which was not submitted in your initial application, we can arrange for your application to be re-assessed by our medical assessors. If the application has still not been approved, we will then forward your application to the appeals panel to independently review the application.  

The appeal process

How to appeal

If you wish to appeal the decision on your EIBSS medical application, you should contact us within 3 months from the date on the rejection letter. We may consider appeals received after 3 months, under exceptional circumstances.

To appeal, you must write to us at: 

FREEPOST EIBSS (valid within the UK only)

or at

NHS Business Services Authority
Bridge House
152 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

or email:

You must outline your reason for making the appeal. If there is any additional evidence that you feel is relevant towards your application, you can provide it. 

Successful appeals 

The panel may overturn the original decision and approve the application.

If your appeal is successful we'll process your application as soon as possible. We'll backdate your payments to the date we received your application. 

Unsuccessful appeals

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you cannot submit a second appeal in relation to the same application.

However, you can appeal again if you submitted two different applications for different types of payments, with both refused.