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ADQ (Average Daily Quantity) usage data

A full review of Average Daily Quantity (ADQ) values populated on our internal NHSBSA drug database has been undertaken by our Medicines Data team, due to information users querying some of the values published. This review was conducted using the last available ADQ values document published by NHS Digital in 2012. Note this document has not been updated since.

This review has resulted in some changes to the ADQ value held against certain formulations and strengths where either a value has changed, a value has been added or a value has been removed.

These changes will have impacted ADQ usage data where there is any prescribing against the affected formulations and strengths.

Currently ADQ usage data is contained within the English Prescribing Data (EPD) published in our Open Data Portal (ODP) as well as ePACT2.

As ePACT2 uses the latest ADQ value to calculate usage data all the historical data will have been recalculated based on the latest value held on our drug database.

View a list of the affected formulations and strengths (Excel: 20KB) which shows the value prior to any changes. The list contains the generic formulation and strength only, but all the linking brands will have been impacted accordingly.