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Changes to Drug Tariff determination - SSP034

This is an announcement on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care

Pharmacy contractors should note for SSP034, where the patient has previously been supplied with a spacer, and the alternative inhaler to be supplied to the patient in accordance with the SSP is not compatible with the original spacer that was supplied to the patient, the recommended spacer as set out in the SSP should be supplied as part of supplying in accordance with the SSP. If a new spacer is provided but not correctly endorsed (as per Clause 9 Part II of the Drug Tariff) – it will be reimbursed according to the cheapest spacer/holding chamber device as recommended in the SSP for the substituted inhaler. This will apply from 22 July 2022.

Pharmacy contractors should note that the changes to the determination (PDF: 51KB) are not reflected in the published July and August 2022 Drug Tariff.