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NHS England Dental workforce data collection

NHS England has published information about a national dental workforce data collection

We will be collecting this information on behalf of NHS England and a new Compass form has been created to collect this data.

If you have any queries about workforce data collection, email

Completion of the workforce data collection form

The first data collection will require a submission for both April 2023 and October 2023. You should complete the April 2023 data before completing the October 2023 data.

If your contract opened after 1 April 2023, you should submit the same data for both April 2023 and October 2023. Add a comment in the notes section with the date your contract opened.

As a Provider, if you have more than one contract number in Compass with the same practice address, you may complete one workforce form, combining data for these contracts. If you choose to submit combined data, you must complete the ‘notes’ section on page 3 of the data entry form on Compass, listing these contract numbers.

Accessing the workforce data collection form

Log in to Compass.

Select the NHS England Workforce folder from the Homepage Menu:

Provider's homepage menu in Compass highlighting the NHSE Workforce folder

Select the NHSE Workforce Data Collection option:

Compass- NHSE Workforce folder - NHSE Workforce Data Collection highlighted

Creating the form

Once you’ve selected ‘NHSE Workforce Data Collection', you need to select the Start New Form button.

Complete all of the mandatory fields indicated with an asterisk (*).

Workforce data collection screen - mandatory fields highlighted

Complete the rest of the form by entering the required data. Select the Next button to move to subsequent pages.

A form entry can be saved by using the Exit Form button. This will be shown with a status of 'Entered' in your menu list and can then be completed by selecting the Select action.

Once completed, submit the form by selecting the Submit button on the summary page.

Entries for previously submitted forms can be viewed by using the Select action for forms with a status of 'Completed'.

Workforce data collection forms - table showing status and date entered

Example workforce collection template

You can use our NHS England workforce data collection template (Excel: 21KB) to help collate the required data, but this data must still be transferred to Compass using the workforce data collection form.