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Dental practices to confirm NHS website information by 30 September 2023

Dental practices must confirm all of their NHS website profile information every quarter, due to new legal regulations passed in November 2022 by NHS England. 

You need to confirm your profile information for quarter two by 30 September 2023, for:  

  • accepting new NHS patients 
  • contact details 
  • opening times 
  • services 
  • facilities 

Quarterly dates 

The quarterly dates to confirm your profile information in each business year are: 

  • 30 June for quarter one 
  • 30 September for quarter two
  • 31 December for quarter three 
  • 31 March for quarter four

It's recommended that you do this at least a week early, to avoid any risk of missing a deadline.

Use the NHS Profile Manager to confirm your information

If you already use this service, to manage profile information or to respond to reviews, you can sign in to the NHS Profile Manager

If you do not use this service yet, you can register for the NHS Profile Manager.

How to confirm your information

In the NHS Profile Manager, the information you need to confirm is shown on the ‘Manage your profile’ page for each profile.

When you confirm your information, the ‘updated’ date will change to show the new date.

This is the date that will be shown on your live NHS website profile.

These dates need to be within the correct quarterly deadline to meet your contractual obligations.

If you have any questions, email

What happens if you do not confirm your information

If you do not confirm your information each quarter, your practice may be contacted by your local commissioning team’s contract manager.