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Revised employer Scheme access guidance for ARRS and PCN direct hires working on DES

New guidance is available for employers for direct hire Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) employees and direct hire Primary Care Network (PCN) employees working on the Network Contract Directed Enhanced Services (DES).

The guidance has been published on our Scheme access webpage.

This follows earlier Scheme access guidance on the impact of the introduction of retire and return for members with 1995 Section benefits on closed direction / determination documents and open access arrangements.

The PCN scenarios currently available on our Information for practitioners and non-GP providers webpage are being reviewed and will be updated as soon as possible. Please note that time limited access is not available after 31 March 2023.  PCNs who meet the criteria for scenarios 3 or 6 can apply for open determination or IPEA access as set out in the guidance. Access remains unchanged for existing PCNs who meet the criteria for one of the other eight scenarios (except scenarios 3 and 6).