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Doctors Index Number (DIN)

Every doctor has their own unique DIN, also known as a prescribing code. NHS England issue this to the GP when they qualify.

When a doctor joins, the practice can apply to have their DIN linked to the practice. Both Partners and Salaried GPs can have their DINs linked to the practice.

Why a practice would do this

DINs allow all medication issued by a practitioner to be traced back to the issuing practice for budget purposes. Using ePACT2, the practice can then identify:

  • prescribers, medications and quantities
  • practice trends, ensuring items are recorded against the practice’s medicines budget

A GP’s DIN can only be registered with one practice. If they work in two or more separate practices, those practices will need to apply for a ’Spurious Code‘ for that GP.

When a GP joins or leaves, the practice needs to add or remove them.

The forms for adding or removing a GP and applying for a Spurious Code can be found on our website.

All requests for adding or removing a DIN need to be completed by the practice and submitted to the Integrated Care Board for countersigning (usually the Meds Management Team). They will then forward the request to us at:

If you have any questions, contact us at: