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Details on my statement

Personal details and financial summary

These are the details your employer held for you (or we held for you, if you're a deferred member), as of 31 March.

It includes a summary of the total value of the pay and benefits for the year.

If it's only pension details showing, this means it came from information held by us.

Summary information

This shows, for the previous scheme year:

  • payments you received
  • pension contributions your employer made

Watch our video on YouTube to learn more about the information in your Total Reward Statement or Annual Benefit Statement.

The employer contributions paid towards your pension increased with effect from 1 April 2019 from 14.3% to 20.6%. The increase of 6.3% was centrally funded and so not paid directly by your employer. As a result of this arrangement, the payments are not included in any of the total employer annual contribution figures on your statement but you'll have received the equivalent of 20.6% of your salary.

The value of employer contributions shown on your statement does not impact the standard benefits we have quoted for you within your statement.


Local employer benefits (Total Reward Statements only)

This sets out the benefits offered locally by your employers, such as:

  • childcare vouchers
  • travel passes
  • gym membership
  • car leasing

You might have chosen to access some of these already.

To access extra benefits, use the contact details provided by your employer in the local benefits section.

Your employer added this information and it could change throughout the year.

Employment Data (Total Reward Statements only)

Available employment information

You can see your employment information for all your NHS employments active on 31 March and paid via ESR.

'Bank' posts are not currently displayed on the statement.

Annual progression information

This section provides details of your next pay increment and salary review date.

Payment breakdown information

This shows, for the previous scheme year:

  • payments you received
  • pension contributions your employer made

'Other allowances' is the total of all payments that individually were less than £100 for the year.

The names used to describe the individual payment types are the same as those on your payslip. If you do not understand the meaning of a payment name, contact your employer.

We have a key to some of the common abbreviations (Excel: 10.6KB) that appear in the payment types.

If you have any questions about your employment statement, contact your employer.

Ourselves and your employers held this information as of 31 March.

How we calculate your pension

Information on how your NHS pension, lump sum and survivor benefits have been calculated is available on our NHS Pensions member hub.