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Submitting EPS claims for reimbursement

Electronic submission of prescriptions for reimbursement

EPS (release 2) allows pharmacies to electronically submit patients’ prescriptions to us for reimbursement.

The information is provided to us using the dm+d code and contractors can make other endorsements electronically. For example, to claim 'broken bulk' or 'out of pocket expenses'.

Pharmacies still have to:

  • mark whether a prescription charge was levied, and if not, notify us of the relevant prescription charge exemption category and whether evidence of exemption was seen
  • continue submitting any paper prescriptions (and tokens where required) to us on a monthly basis

The FP34C submission document continues to be the official means of claiming payment and changes have been made to the form to reflect EPS (release 2).

At the end of the month, pharmacy contractors should declare the combined total of paper (forms / items) and electronic prescriptions (messages / items) being submitted to us for reimbursement.

Paper prescriptions and prescribing / dispensing tokens, including phase 4 prescribing tokens, should continue to be submitted to us on a monthly basis as usual. 

Guidance for endorsement

Electronic prescription service guidance for endorsement (Word: 165KB)Additional electronic prescription service guidance for endorsement - PDn (May 2015) (Word: 166KB)

Resolving issues

We can’t yet return prescriptions electronically so issues are resolved using a paper representation of the claim or by phone call.

ETP monthly allowance

Subject to the conditions, as detailed in the NHS England and Wales Drug Tariff Part VIB for Appliance Contractors, an appliance contractor who operates release 1 or release 2 of the service if an appropriate prescription is presented or requested, shall be entitled to an ETP monthly allowance of £200 per calendar month from NHS England for each month that they are able to operate the service.

An appliance contractor must submit an ETP Monthly Allowance Claim Form (Word: 270KB) (previously known as form PPAETP1) to NHS England. 
This form should be submitted to NHS England before the end of the first month that you are able to operate the service.

If, at a later date you are unable to operate the service you must let NHS England know in writing immediately. NHS England will then decide whether to stop the ETP monthly payment permanently or suspend it for a period as specified by NHS England. When EPS is resumed a completed ETP Monthly Allowance Claim Form will need to be resubmitted to NHS England.

Further details of service implementation and deployment can be found at NHS Digital

Please note that from 1 December 2016 the ETP monthly allowance of £200 is no longer applicable to English pharmacies. Appliance contractors are unaffected.

Schedule of payments

Schedule of payments

The schedule provides information on the number of prescription forms and items received electronically.

The numbers provided relate to the physical receipt of the paper and electronic forms and items before the calculation of any additional fees.

This figure excludes any paper tokens for non-payment received by us for audit purposes.


Payment schedules

There was no change to the payment timescale following the introduction of EPS release 2 (i.e. 80% advance with the balance paid when the prescriptions have been priced).

However, there are increased efficiencies offered by EPS.

More information on EPS