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Electronic prescriptions

Get your prescriptions electronically and save time and money for the NHS

Electronic prescriptions service (EPS)

EPS is replacing the need for most paper prescriptions, working towards a paper free NHS. You can send your prescription electronically from your doctor’s surgery to your chosen pharmacy.

Electronic repeat dispensing (eRD) service

This service could help you if you regularly get a prescription for the same medication.

Your doctor will give your pharmacy permission to dispense a series of prescriptions for you.

This means you do not need to arrange repeat prescriptions, you can just go to your pharmacy to collect your medication when you need it.

How to sign up

Sign up by speaking to your pharmacist or your GP surgery.

Benefits of using EPS and eRD

The benefits of these services include:

  • saving the NHS millions of pounds each year
  • being free, easy and saving you time
  • being reliable, secure and confidential
  • saving the environment by going paper free

How to know if you’re already signed up

If you’re on eRD, you:

  • don’t need to ring your GP or order a repeat prescription – your medication will already be waiting at the pharmacy for you when you need it
  • won’t get a paper prescription

If you’re not sure whether you’ve already signed up, speak to your GP or pharmacist.