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Private controlled drugs

You need to use the correct submission document when submitting private controlled drugs.

Use the FP34PCD form to submit:

  • FP10PCD private prescriptions for controlled drugs (CD)
  • FP10CDF requisition forms

Complete and submit one FP34PCD with each monthly submission of original FP10PCD private prescription and FP10CDF requisition forms. We cannot accept forms that are included in monthly submissions of NHS prescription forms.

Sort and securely pack your original prescriptions and requisitions. You must send them to us no later than the fifth day of the month following which they were supplied.

Do not enclose any documents not related to the submission of CD Requisitions (FP10CDF) or schedule 1, 2 and 3 private controlled drug prescription forms with the submission.  

Send your submission to the NHSBSA address displayed on the FP34PCD submission document. This address may differ from the address you use to submit your other NHS prescription form submissions. Postage to the NHSBSA must be pre-paid.

Submission document for submitting controlled drugs through a private account (PDF: 168KB).