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ISP report information

One Drug Database (ODD) has been implemented - ​​​​ You can read more about the implementation and how this affects our systems and reports.

You can find out what’s included in each report category and any notes about how the data has been produced, for example, what is and what is not included in the data.

Home oxygen therapy - Sub Integrated Care Board Locations (SICBL)

The Home Oxygen Therapy report is accessed via the Information Services Portal.

These reports are only available to users who have been authorised to view Home Oxygen Reports by their respective Organisations.

The system holds 24 months of data which is updated on a monthly basis. 


Home oxygen therapy payments are made the month following supply. 

What is included in the Home Oxygen Therapy Reports?

SICBL Payment Claim - Allow SICBLs/Regions to monitor the payments made to the oxygen suppliers for patients registered in their SICBL/region. 

This report is split into three data views

  • SICBL Payment Claim Summary
  • SICBL Payment Claim - In Area Supply
  • SICBL Payment Claim - Out of Area Supply

This report will detail the Claim to SICBLs for the oxygen supplied by their home regions as well as any out of area Supply


Information Services Portal user guidesGlossary of terms (Excel: 28KB) 

If you have any queries, you can contact the Data Services team by emailing

Home Oxygen Therapy Reports

Management Information Spreadsheet (MIS) report

Pharmacy and appliance contractor payment data

A management information file detailing community pharmacy and appliance contractor payments is compiled each month.

The file contains every payment made to every pharmacist and appliance contractor, broken down by pharmacy and type of payment.

Payments include:

  • drug costs
  • fees
  • patient charges
  • locally authorised payments 

Other details, such as the numbers of items dispensed, patient's charges collected are also included in the MIS Glossary.

MIS Glossary (Excel: 39KB)LPC Levy Calculation from Feb 2024 Prescriptions (Excel: 47KB)LPC Levy Calculation from Mar 2020 Prescriptions (Excel: 36KB)LPC Levy Calculation Prior to December 2016 Prescriptions (Excel: 31KB)

New monthly MIS reports will no longer be published in ISP and for Pharmacy March 2023 and Appliance Contractor April 2023 reports onwards will be provided directly to Contract Managers and other recipients.

This information is provided to fulfil several requirements including:

  • pharmacy and appliance contractor payment monitoring
  • contract management
  • reconciling Itemised Prescribing Payment (IPP) reports
  • audit
  • fraud prevention