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Safety Health and Environment (SHE)

Our progress

Each year we summarise our progress in our Annual Report and Accounts and also provide more detail and commentary in our SHE Annual Report 2022/23.

Our Environment Strategy 2022 to 2025

We declared a climate emergency in September 2020 and made a public commitment to respond. We are now supporting this declaration with an ambitious environment strategy, clearly defining the long-term goals and actions we will achieve by 2025. 

Read our Environment Strategy 2022 to 2025.

Targets and plans

Our vision and the actions within our overall strategy and business plan are the ways in which we are addressing the key challenges to society over which we can have an influence. This includes how we are impacting positively on people’s health and the environment.

We also publish specific strategies and action plans linked to SHE:

Health and safety (Word: 1MB)Environment and resource efficiency (PDF: 700KB)

Policy statements

Key policy statements linked to good business are:
Health and Safety Policy (Word: 265KB)Environmental Policy (Word: 270 KB)