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Freedom to Speak Up – Raising Concerns (Whistleblowing)

This policy applies to anyone who works (or has worked) in the NHSBSA, or for an independent organisation that provides NHSBSA services. This includes agency workers, temporary workers, students, and volunteers. Policy and contact details are available on the NHSBSA intranet.

What is speaking up?

Speaking up about any concern you have at work is important. It will help us to keep improving our services for all customers, patients, and the working environment for our people.

You may feel worried about raising a concern, and we understand this, but do not be put off. In accordance with our duty of candour, our senior leaders and entire board are committed to an open and honest culture. We will look into what you say and you will always have access to the support you need.

You can raise a concern about risk, malpractice or wrongdoing you think is harming the services we deliver. Examples of this might include (but are not restricted to):                    

  • unsafe practices for patients or customers
  • unsafe working conditions
  • inadequate induction or training for our people
  • lack of, or poor, response to a reported patient or customer incident
  • suspicions of fraud (which can also be reported to our Fraud Specialists)
  • a bullying culture (across a team or organisation rather than individual instances of bullying)

Our Policy

Our Freedom to Speak Up Policy gives full details of our approach, arrangements and contact details. This is available on the NHSBSA intranet, or from the Head of Governance.

Grievance Policy

The Freedom to Speak Up Policy is not for people with concerns about their employment that affect only them. That type of concern is better suited to our HR Team and the NHSBSA Grievance Policy.