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New medicine services (NMS) quarterly submission

Contractors will be aware that the requirement to submit their completed New Medicine Service (NMS) quarterly summary data to the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has been suspended since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previous submissions by contractors provided a wealth of information on the provision of the NMS and helped to provide evidence of the delivery of the service to different patient groups, and value for money for the NHS, before the September 2021 expansion of the service to include additional therapeutic areas.

NHS England wish to work with Pharmacy Contractors to collect NMS quarterly summary data. This is primarily to support long-term monitoring that will be conducted as part of ongoing work to expand the NMS to include additional therapeutic areas and helps to provide evidence of the service delivery for the new therapeutic areas.

NHS England have agreed with Community Pharmacy England (CPE) that this will initially be on a voluntary basis, and Q3 2022/23 was the first quarter to be reported on.

In the meantime, NHS England, NHSBSA, CPE and system suppliers are working on the development of an Application Programming Interface (API) that will enable this transfer of data to be made as part of the service payment claim that will then make the need for these retrospective quarterly returns redundant. NHS England request the support of contractors to provide the NMS quarterly data ahead of the development of the API.

If a contractor has a query regarding this voluntary data collection and needs to discuss this further, please contact the Provider Assurance team at

If a contractor normally provides NMS but does not do so in a specific quarter, there is no requirement for the contractor to submit a 'nil-return' submission of data to us.

Submitting your quarterly NMS data

You can submit your quarterly NMS data to us by either:

  • the online form
  • the electronic reporting template

For the submission of quarterly data for a single, or a small number of pharmacies, we recommend that you use the online form.

The online form only permits the submission of data for a single pharmacy at a time.

If the submission is to be made for multiple pharmacies, we recommend using the electronic reporting template where data for multiple accounts can be added to a single template.

Online forms

You can access the:

NMS Online Form Q2 2023/24

You should:

  • enter and submit all of the required information that you would have entered into the reporting templates that were previously submitted to your NHS England local team
  • enter your ODS code (which can be found on your schedule of payments) in uppercase, as lowercase and incorrect codes will not be accepted
  • complete all fields, leaving no blanks

Once complete, your submission will be automatically uploaded into our system.

If you have any issues with your submission, contact us by email:

Electronic Reporting Template

Download and complete the electronic reporting template.

Only the template we provide can be used: New Medicines Services Submission Template (Excel: 16KB)

Your completed spreadsheet cannot be submitted in any other format and submissions of other file types will fail.

The template is protected so that columns cannot be added or removed.

Complete all of the fields and information required. Any anomalies could cause your submission to fail.

You should submit the completed spreadsheet template using the Information Services Portal if you're a registered user.

If you have not registered for access to the Information Services Portal, contact us by: