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NHS Urgent Medicines Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS) pilot

The NUMSAS pilot scheme has ended

The NUMSAS pilot scheme ended on 28 October 2019.  We therefore request that all outstanding claims are sent with your end of month batch submission for October 2019.  Any submissions for the NUMSAS pilot scheme after this date will not be processed and paid.

Please ensure that FP10DT EPS tokens and NUMSAS claim submission forms (completed as part of NUMSAS) are separated from other tokens in a sealed envelope marked NUMSAS with your ODS code clearly stated.  Without this, there is a risk that claims will not be reimbursed.

NUMSAS is closed to new registrations.

Further information on the new Community Pharmacist Consultation Services, which replaces NUMSAS, is available on NHSBSA website.


Completing FP10DT EPS dispensing tokens

Contractors providing NUMSAS need to complete a FP10DT EPS dispensing token for each patient interaction. The form should include:

  • full name, address and date of birth of patient
  • patient’s NHS Number
  • name, strength and form of medicines or appliances requested (using DM+D name or shortened DM+D name11)
  • the quantity supplied or the reason for not supplying (using the standard code set out in guidance12)
  • date and time of supply
  • name and address of patient’s GP
  • NHS 111 referral ID number

This information must be completed in legible handwriting. Illegible writing or missing information may lead to a delay in payment. You'll find patient details on the NHS 111 referral.

The patient (or representative) must complete the relevant sections of the reverse of the FP10DT EPS dispensing token to claim any exemptions from NHS prescription charge.

Submitting a claim for payment

To claim payment for this service you must complete the NUMSAS claim form below and submit it to us along with the completed FP10DT EPS dispensing tokens. We'll contact you once you have registered for the service to advise of the submission process, including the address that the claim form and tokens should be sent to. This process will be separate to the submission of other FP10 forms.

You'll need to complete a form for every month you have provided the service.

Download the claim form (PDF: 51KB).

Supporting documents

View the amended directions for the Community Pharmacy Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service (CPSIVAS) and NUMSAS (PDF: 45KB)

View the updated determinations for CPSIVAS and NUMSAS for September 2018 (PDF: 73KB).

View the NUMSAS service specification on the NHS England website.