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Programme budget categories (PBC)

Access to PBC for:

  • registered users is through ePACT2
  • public users is through Catalyst

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has set up a national programme budget project to develop a primary source of information.

This can be used by all bodies, to give a better understanding of NHS expenditure.

Department of Health and Social Care’s website has more detailed information.

The national programme budget project aims to map some £50bn of NHS expenditure into, currently, 23 programmes of care. Examples of these include:

  • infectious diseases
  • cancer
  • blood disorders
  • mental health problems
  • coronary heart disease
  • problems of the skin
  • falls and problems due to trauma and injuries

Data Services provides information about all English commissioner / provider prescribing expenditure, broken down amongst the 23 categories.

Report notes

There are 3 types of report available to view, which are:

  • national
  • integrated care board (ICB)
  • commissioner / provider

The data provided is for prescriptions issued by prescribers in England only which have been dispensed in the community.

Hospitals’ prescriptions, including those dispensed in the community, private prescriptions and dental prescribing, are excluded from the data.

Sub Integrated Care Board Locations (SICBL) level data is shown against the prescriber’s SICBL.

Some medical products can be used in more than one treatment area. In these situations, prescribing is apportioned across the relevant categories. 

Items show the number of times a product appears on a prescription form.

Actual Cost – is the basic price of the drug less the National Average Discount Percentage (NADP) plus 'payment for consumables' (previously known 'container allowance'), 'Out of Pocket Expenses' and 'payment for containers'.

The calculation for the discount amount is the basic price multiplied by the NADP. Actual Cost only relates to England.

Some products are specifically excluded from the blood disorder category.