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Repeat dispensing report (including EPS items)

Access for:

Repeat dispensing reports are a set of reports which provide information at both cost and item level.

Report notes

There are 3 data views available, which are:

  • National
  • ICB
  • Commissioner/Provider

Costs shown in the report will be Net Ingredient Cost (NIC) – which is the basic price of a drug as stated in Part II Clause 8 of the Drug Tariff.

For paper prescriptions

The data is:

based on what was prescribed in England and may include items prescribed in England which have been dispensed in England, Wales or Scotland.

If a prescription was issued, but not presented for dispensing or was not submitted to NHS Prescription Services by the dispenser, then it is not included in the data provided.

The data excludes items prescribed in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland which have been dispensed in England.

The data includes all NHS prescriptions which have been dispensed in the community excluding items prescribed by dentists or on FP10HP forms by hospitals.

EPS Prescriptions

Information on EPS data is derived from electronic messages submitted by prescribers to dispensing contractors in the community. 

The data is based on what was electronically prescribed in England and will only include items dispensed in England.

Please note this means that if a prescription message was sent but the patient did not collect the dispensed item(s) then it is not included in the data provided.

Data included will relate to Practices registered under Commissioner/Providers, no other organisations will be included within the EPS data.

Definition of a Commissioner/Provider is used to define SICBLs, Local Authorities and provider organisations or a combination of these organisations in relation to the information in reports.