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Remuneration report

Access for registered users through ePACT2.

The report:

  • provides information to support the monitoring and management of remuneration payments for pharmaceutical services supplied by pharmacy and appliance contractors
  • only shows payments which relate to remuneration and include payments previously sourced from funding held centrally by the Department of Health and Social Care, known as the global sum

ePACT2 will hold data from April 2018, which will be updated monthly.

The report is split into 2 views, which are:

  • 'all values' - used for information purposes only and provides users with an overall view of remuneration for all the organisations which are linked to them
  • 'recharge values' - showing only the remuneration which the organisation has been charged for

The 'recharge view' is only available to organisations at integrated care board (ICB) level and above.

Report notes

All remuneration costs are invoiced to the appropriate organisation with the exception of those relating to Sub Integrated Care Board Locations (SICBL), which are recharged to NHS England.

Where a particular fee or an allowance cannot be directly attributable to a specific commissioner / provider, the activity and associated amount recharged is shared across all commissioner / providers.

The basis for the sharing is in accordance with specified formulae, which are listed in the remuneration report glossary (Excel: 166KB).

The fees column shows the number of identifiable fees which can be directly attributed to a commissioner / provider, cost centre or hospital unit.

Fees are identified from the prescriber number or the commissioner / provider information included on the prescription form.

Fees which cannot be attributed to a particular commissioner / provider are shared and shown under 'national unidentified prescribers'.

Unidentified prescriber shows the fees / allowances attributed to unidentified prescribers where a prescription form (FP10, FP10HP) does not contain enough detail to identify the prescriber but the commissioner / provider can be identified.