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Surveys and research privacy notice

We carry out research to learn what people need from our services.

We ask for your permission to make notes, take your photo, and make voice or video recordings. This is to remind us who we spoke to and what you said.

Why we process your information

We may ask for personal information to help us understand what people need from our services, such as:

  • your experience of using our services
  • how you find out about our services
  • the technology you use

Your information will be used to help plan and make improvements to NHS services and direct patient care.

Sharing your personal information

We ask for your permission to share your information with people we work with, including other government organisations.

Your information will not be transferred outside the UK or European Economic Area.

Keeping your personal information

Your personal information will be deleted from our systems:

  • 1 year after the research was completed, unless you ask us to delete it sooner
  • 2 years after the survey you took part in was completed

Your rights

The information you provide will be managed as required by Data Protection law.

You have the right to:

  • receive a copy of the information we hold about you
  • request your information be changed if you believe it was not correct at the time you provided it
  • request that your information be deleted if you no longer want to take part in our research

Find out more about your rights and how we process information.