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Reasons for overpayment

Overpayment of an NHS Pension can happen for a number of reasons.

These include, if you're a:

  • surviving spouse or partner
  • child dependant
  • re-employed pensioner
  • or your pension has been revised

Surviving spouse or partner

There may have been an overpayment if either:

  • you didn’t inform us of your spouse or partner’s death before their next pension payment was due
  • your spouse or partner had Scheme membership that ended before 1 April 2008 and you have now remarried. This means you are no longer entitled to an adult dependant’s pension

Child dependant

As a dependent child of a member in the 1995 Scheme, you’re only entitled to a children’s pension while you’re in full time education. If you have left full time education, you must notify us as soon as possible.

Re-employed pensioner

There may have been an overpayment if either:

  • you’ve exceeded your earnings margin
  • you hold a bank post and have earned more than your entitlement.

We have more information about the rules of re-employment.

Your pension has been revised

Your pension award is revised because of a change to either:

  • your last day of service
  • your total length of service
  • the pay used to calculate your pension
  • your payment start date
  • your deemed date
  • your pre-retirement reemployed pensioner figure


To repay an overpayment, you must follow the instructions on the letter we have sent you. This letter will tell you the amount that’s owed.

You can contact us to discuss how the overpayment was created, or to find out how the overpayment has been calculated.