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Pay and contributions

Information about calculating member pay, protection of pay and contribution tiers.


You can contact us if you have any queries about member performance related pay or bonuses.

2008 Section

Read the factsheets for information about pensionable pay for 2008 Section members:

Total reckonable pay (PDF: 235KB)For information about 2008 Section Earnings Cap, see above factsheet in 1995 Section. 

Protection of pay

Read the factsheet for information about:

  • Protection of Pay (1995/2008 Scheme)
  • Voluntary Protection of Pay (1995 Section only)

Protection of Pay and Voluntary Protection of Pay (Word: 249KB)

For all enquiries

Use the request to protect Pensionable Pay (SM R9 EA) form (Word: 255KB)

Deemed pay

Deemed pay is pay that would have been paid to a member, if they had not been absent from duty.

Read the deemed pay factsheet (PDF: 87.9KB) for more information.


You can contact us if you have any queries about contributions.